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ProjectionSmart is the fastest and simplest way to see your financial future.

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What makes ProjectionSmart better

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QuickBooks and Excel don't have projection capabilities.

ProjectionSmart does what those programs cannot.

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We've made planning fast, simple, and easy.

You don't need to be an accountant to use ProjectionSmart.

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Make your business planning process sharper than ever before!

With ProjectionSmart you concentrate on the results, not the process.

Judy Praska

"ProjectionSmart is exactly what I was looking for to figure out what the future looked like." - Judy Praska

ProjectionSmart gives you

  • Confidence from understanding your numbers
  • A clear financial vision for your business
  • More informed business decisions
  • Peace of mind from a solid financial plan
  • Fast and simple tool to easily see your financial future

What you get with ProjectionSmart

  • Simple, easy-to-use, and interactive
  • Multiple versions to model different scenarios
  • Complete set of financial statements
  • Graphs of key financial metrics
  • Ability to manage multiple companies
  • Secure login and data storage

Why ProjectionSmart?

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We are small business managers, owners, and entrepreneurs who have spent our careers managing, starting, and building businesses. We are passionate about small business and want to help small businesses succeed. Learn More

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Most small business people do not have a background in finance or accounting, so we created ProjectionSmart for them. Our financial tools are powerful, simple, and easy enough for anyone to user, and our videos explain very simply the basics of business finance.

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Entrepreneurs can learn whether their new business concept makes sense financially using ProjectionSmart.
Small business owners can see where their business is going to be in 12 months using ProjectionSmart.


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"ProjectionSmart is an incredibly valuable tool for anyone looking to start their own business. It gives a great layout of the trajectory of your business based on the numbers you provide. If you want to remove a lot of the unknown and confusion that comes with starting your own business, I definitely recommend using ProjectionSmart!"
~ Brady, Entrepreneur

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"Excellent software. Love that the format allows me to change data as needed!"
~ Judy, Franchise owner

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"Roger and staff are wonderful to work with! Such a great planning tool for small businesses!"
~ Sam, Entrepreneur

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