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We've made it simple for anyone to create business projections in less than an hour.
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ProjectionSmart checked boxThe right tool for the need.

We've made it simple by creating the right tool for the right situation: one tool for a startup, another for an existing company.

ProjectionSmart checked boxYou don't need a finance or accounting background.

We've made it easy-to-use by doing all of the accounting work for you. You just answer questions about your business.

ProjectionSmart checked boxUnderstand the numbers of your business.

Review your projections intelligently with your banker, learn what drives your cash flow, and understand the financial impacts of your business decisions.

Why ProjectionSmart?

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We are small business managers, owners, and entrepreneurs who have spent our careers managing, starting, and building businesses. We are passionate about small business and want to help small businesses succeed. Learn More

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Most small business people do not have a background in finance or accounting, so we created ProjectionSmart for them. Our financial tools are powerful, simple, and easy enough for anyone to user, and our videos explain very simply the basics of business finance.

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Entrepreneurs can learn whether their new business concept makes sense financially using our Startup tool. Small business owners can see where their business is going to be in 12 months using our Growth tool.


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"I feel like ProjectionSmart gave me a very thorough and accurate report of projections that were easy to understand!"
~ Hannah, small business owner

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"ProjectionSmart Startup made it very easy to come up with two years' worth of projections without needing an accounting background. It saves a lot of time and headaches."
~ Jeni, startup entrepreneur

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"ProjectionSmart Startup is a resourceful tool for getting a realistic view of future projections. It is easy to use and very helpful in planning for a future business."
~ Sam, entrepreneur

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