Manage Companies

ProjectionSmart gives you the ability to manage multiple companies on your account.

  • Manage Companies works well for accountants who want to prepare projections for multiple clients, all with ProjectionSmart.
  • You can manage multiple companies.
Manage your companies with ProjectionSmart

The Manage Companies feature is added to any paid membership to ProjectionSmart!

Five stars

"ProjectionSmart Startup made it very easy to come up with two years' worth of projections without needing an accounting background. It saves a lot of time and headaches."
~ Jeni, startup entrepreneur

Five stars

"ProjectionSmart was very simple to use and helped me greatly understand what is needed and what it will take for me to start a business."
~ Kelsie, small business owner

Five stars

"Great tool to have for starting a business! Easy layout and step-by-step direction on how to get finances organized."
~ Kevin, Startup entrepreneur