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At ProjectionSmart, we are big fans of seeing your financial future. ProjectionSmart often appears on podcasts and webinars to tell people why seeing your future is so important, that it is easier than you think, and that you need to understand the financial impact of your business decisions. Here are our recent appearances.

10 Reasons to do Business Projections in 2021

As a guest on the Small Small Business Podcast, Roger shared his top reasons for doing business projections. Learn more about Small Small Business here.

ProjectionSmart and BNC Bank

Learn how bank regulators will require financial projections to demonstrate the clarity of your 2021 business plans in BNC Bank’s Small Business Growth Series.

ProjectionSmart partners with Voyageur U

Learn how Voyageur U is using ProjectionSmart Startup to help professionals who want to chart their own career path as independent consultants and freelancers. Learn more about Voyageur U here.

ProjectionSmart on the New World of Work

Learn how a financial projection will help you determine how your startup or existing business will succeed in 2021 on The New World of Work podcast with Cat Breet.

ProjectionSmart on the Club Entrepreneur Podcast

Learn the importance of understanding your financial future on the Club Entrepreneur Podcast.


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"Simple and effective product for creating your financial projections!"
~ Elijah, Entrepreneur

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"Great tool to have for starting a business! Easy layout and step-by-step direction on how to get finances organized."
~ Kevin, Startup entrepreneur

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"Startup is a great tool to decide a go/no go decision on a new business adventure, or what adjustments need to be considered for get a to a "go" decision. It also offers a great look into how to manage the growth of the business. A very easy, user friendly tool!"
~ Toni, Franchise owner

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