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What makes ProjectionSmart better?

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QuickBooks and Excel don't have projection capabilities.

ProjectionSmart does what those programs cannot.

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We've made planning fast, simple, and easy.

You don't need to be an accountant to use ProjectionSmart.

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Make your business planning process sharper than ever before!

With ProjectionSmart you concentrate on the results, not the process.

ProjectionSmart is the perfect planning tool for both trusted advisors and small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Trusted advisors:

  • Increase client satisfaction and become a more trusted business partner.

  • Help your clients plan better and make more informed business decisions.

  • Provide your clients more than just backwards-looking financials.

  • Differentiate your business and grow your revenue with this new service.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs:

  • Don't just look backwards! See what your financial future looks like.

  • Simple enough for anyone to use.

  • Make better decisions by understanding the numbers of your business.

  • Create a complete set of financial statements to share with bankers.

  • Secure login and data storage.

Why ProjectionSmart?

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We are small business managers, owners, and entrepreneurs who have spent our careers managing, starting, and building businesses. We are passionate about small business and want to help small businesses succeed.

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We created ProjectionSmart for those who do not have a background in finance or accounting. Our financial tools are powerful, simple, and easy enough for anyone to use, and our videos explain the basics of business finance.

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Trusted Advisors can help their clients make better business decisions. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can see where their business is going to be in 12 months.

Five stars

"I've started a few businesses, and for the last three I ran my ideas through ProjectionSmart to help me make a go/no-go decision. Without that initial review of what the future might look like, I wouldn't have known which ones were a good use of my time and which ones were a bad use of time. ProjectionSmart guided me to the right decisions. It's easy to use and a fantastic product."
~ John, serial entrepreneur

Five stars

"As someone with little business experience, ProjectionSmart took the fear out of creating a business plan. It helped make the numbers easy to understand and surprisingly fun!"
~ Elizabeth, entrepreneur

Five stars

"Simple and effective product for creating your financial projections!"
~ Elijah, Entrepreneur