See your future.

Understand your numbers.

ProjectionSmart makes it simple.


Better planning with ProjectionSmart

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Look forward, not just backward!

You look at your income statement every month. Now let us help you look forward every month so you can see your financial future!

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Make more informed business decisions!

Effective business planning will help you gain insights, get answers, connect the dots, and make more confident decisions.

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Understand the numbers of your business!

We've made it simple to quickly understand your numbers. You don't need to be an accountant to use ProjectionSmart!

ProjectionSmart gives you:

  • A monthly vision of where your business is going.

  • The confidence that comes from understanding the numbers of your business.

  • The ability to make more informed business decisions.

  • The peace of mind that comes from having a solid financial plan.

  • A complete set of financial statements to share with bankers or investors.

  • Decision making based on data, not intuition!

What you get with ProjectionSmart:

  • Simple and easy-to-use tool.

  • Complete 12- or 24-month projection.

  • Ability to quickly update every month.

  • Visibility into the meaning of your numbers.

  • Ability to model multiple scenarios and assess your business opportunities.

  • Business plan writing tool and videos on small business finance.

  • Secure login and data storage.

Why ProjectionSmart?

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We are small business managers, owners, and entrepreneurs who have spent our careers managing, starting, and building businesses. We are passionate about small business and want to help small businesses succeed.

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Most small business people do not have a background in finance or accounting, so we created ProjectionSmart for them. Our financial tools are powerful, simple, and easy enough for anyone to use, and our videos explain very simply the basics of business finance.

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Entrepreneurs can learn whether their new business concept makes sense financially using ProjectionSmart. Small business owners and managers can see where their business is going to be in 12 months using ProjectionSmart.

Five stars

"ProjectionSmart is truly an invaluable tool for both start-ups and established businesses looking to get financials in order. I am in the process of getting a start-up put together, thus creating a valid projection of revenue and expenditures will help get funding and create a solid plan to succeed. Super easy to use and intuitive! "
~ Marissa, Entrepreneur

Five stars

"ProjectionSmart Startup was incredibly helpful in allowing me to process and display data from my future business in a way that was easy to both read and understand."
~ Joel, small business owner

Five stars

"ProjectionSmart Startup broke down and simplified the costs and cash flow of running a small business. It helped me get an idea of what to shoot for when I start my business."
~ Luke, startup entrepreneur