(Review, Answer, Analyze, Project)

Month/Year ______________ Date Completed _____________



Total sales $__________________

Total customers ___________________

New prospects ___________________


    YES NO
  1. Did I meet my Sales and Customer Goals last month?
    If NO, what happened? Why were they not met? Explain:

  2. YES NO
  3. Has my Competition changed in the last month?
    If YES, what is the competition doing?

  4. YES NO
  5. Have I faced new Price Resistance in the last month?
    If YES, describe the price resistance.

  6. YES NO
  7. Have I identified any new Opportunities for my business?
    If YES, describe in detail the new market.

  8. YES NO
  9. If my Customer Acquisition Plan getting enough new prospects for my business?
    If NO, how can I change by Customer Acquisition Plan to get more prospects?

  10. YES NO
  11. Did my Marketing Tactics work in the last month?
    If NO, what is not working, and how can I change it?

  12. YES NO
  13. Have I obtained PROOF for my business?
    If NO, what is stopping me from getting more PROOF?



Analyze what happened last month.

  • What went well, and how can you continue that?
  • What did not go well? How can you improve what didn’t go well?
  • What have you learned that makes you smarter this month than you were last month?
Your business plan is a living document, so you need to constantly adjust it for changing circumstances.


  1. My sales goal for the next 30 days is $ _________________. They will come from these areas:
    a. _____________________________
    b. _____________________________
    c. _____________________________
  2. I will achieve this goal by obtaining the following number of customers in each area:
    a. _______ ______________________
    b. _______ ______________________
    c. ________ _____________________
  3. I need _________ more prospects so I have a continual supply of new business!
    a. Personal call prospects ____________________________
    b. Phone call prospects _______________________________
    c. Email prospects ____________________________________
    d. Social media prospects _____________________________
  4. In the next 30 days I will have the following expenses that may be out of the ordinary that I must budget for:
    a. Taxes____________ $_________________
    b. _________________ $_________________
    c. _________________ $_________________
  5. In the next 30 days, I will make $_____________ profit for my business, and I will take out $___________ for my personal income.

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