No More Spreadsheets!

Apr 21, 2020 by Roger Scherping

We created ProjectionSmart to help entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses under $10 million in sales. Those are the specific people we set out to help. We want to help them see their financial future and understand the numbers of their business. We know that most of them don’t have a finance background and also don’t have a controller or CFO to help them, so we made ProjectionSmart easy to use and simple to understand.

So far we’ve helped lots of entrepreneurs and small business owners see where their business is going financially, decide whether to proceed with a new business concept, or manage their way through this current virus-inspired financial crisis.

Lately, though, we’ve been seeing something we didn’t expect. We’ve found that accountants and even CPAs are using Growth in their practices. I’m a CPA, and I’ve done projections for my clients for years. We’re good with spreadsheets, and we understand financial statements, so doing projections is just something we do naturally.

I talked with one CPA who recently used Growth to do a set of projections for his client. He said the program worked well, and his client was thrilled with the results. They liked the graphs and how the financial reports looked just like QuickBooks, and they intend to continue to rely on these projections to run their business.

So then I took the opportunity to ask him what he thought of Growth because I really wanted to get the opinion of a fellow CPA. He liked the program and said it was very intuitive. He liked how little data entry was necessary. He said everything was laid out as he expected it to be, and he thought Growth was more robust than some of the other programs he used in his practice.

So, I had to ask him: Are you an anomaly? We designed Growth for the small business owner, and here you are, a CPA, using it for your practice. He said he didn’t think he was an anomaly. He said that he’d rather use Growth than make his own projection spreadsheet because he doesn’t like creating spreadsheets. He doesn’t want to be concerned about making a mistake in a formula. He said he’d much rather use Growth. He said it’s quicker and easier than creating his own spreadsheet, so it saves his clients some money. It also saves him from the mundane effort of creating his own projection spreadsheets. He intends to continue to use Growth for his clients.

What we’ve really done with ProjectionSmart is eliminate the ubiquitous spreadsheet that always has been used for doing financial projections!

You no longer have to create your own projection spreadsheet from scratch, or find and download one from the Internet and try to figure it out. Growth saves you effort and makes projections easier – for small business owners and for CPAs and accountants.

ProjectionSmart has automated the projection spreadsheet!

Growth is the simplest way to do a 12-month financial projection. You just download your history from QuickBooks Online, create a budget by copying the prior year and making adjustments, and then answer a few simple questions about your business. You can be done in just a few minutes, but the insights you get into your business will amaze you.

Try out Growth for free and let it help you plan your future.  Email me if you have any comments. I’d love to hear from you.