The New ProjectionSmart is Here!

Sep 04, 2023 by Roger Scherping

The new ProjectionSmart is here!
We kept the best part about ProjectionSmart unchanged: ProjectionSmart is still so simple that anyone can use it!  

The Process

There is only one program now for both startups and existing companies, and you can choose 12 or 24 months for your projection. We’ve improved the look and feel and streamlined the flow between screens, and we made sure to keep the same, easy-to-follow 1-2-3 steps to doing a projection:

     [ 1 ]  History: Have history? Import it from QuickBooks Online, or enter it directly.

     [ 2 ]  Budget: Have a budget? Enter it directly. If you don’t have a budget, you can either create one from your history or create one from scratch.

     [ 3 ]  Future: Answer 9 simple questions about your plans for your business.

Then see your results on the graphs page and in the reports. Make changes until you get your plan just right, and remember you can create three versions of your projection to compare different scenarios.

Log in now, and you should see all of your data just as you left it. If you have any questions, just email us.

Watch this video to see how the new ProjectionSmart differs from what you’ve accustomed to.

What’s New

All paid ProjectionSmart users can now write a business plan using the Proof Plan™, the simplest way to write a business plan, and visit our video library to learn the basics of small business finance.

ProjectionSmart is still for both small business owners and their trusted financial advisors. Whether you do the monthly update to your projection yourself or you work through it with your trusted advisor, you’ll find updating your projection monthly will keep you on top of your business.             

Trusted advisors will benefit from ProjectionSmart by generating happier, more successful clients, differentiating their practice, and growing their revenue.

Still the Simplest and Best

ProjectionSmart remains your monthly roadmap to financial success. We help you look forward with your financials, not just backward! You’ll make more informed decisions when you see your future and understand the numbers of your business with ProjectionSmart.