We Surveyed You. Survey Says …

Jun 15, 2021 by Roger Scherping

We just completed a survey of our customers. Thank you for participating! We hope you are enjoying your Starbucks gift card as a sign of our appreciation.

Our goal was to understand what you thought about projections, how well you understood them, and how you do them. Here’s what we learned.

1. People like you, who understand what a good financial plan can do for you, make up a minority of business owners! You may be in a business that runs on numbers (say, manufacturing), or you may just be a very quantitative person who thrives on numbers (say, an engineer). While other business owners may be in denial about issues surrounding the future of their business or may run their business on gut instinct, you understand the importance of a solid, quantitative financial plan for ensuring your business’s future.

2. You understand what a financial projection is, and you see it as a critical part of your business planning process. You believe that a projection is something that a smart business owner does to help them manage their business, and you recognize the value of a projection. For that reason, you consider it worth the effort to do a projection every month so that you stay on top of your business.

3. You may have struggled, though, to find the right tool to use for business planning. Maybe you’ve done a budget in QuickBooks, but QuickBooks doesn’t do financial projections. Maybe you’ve tried creating a financial model using a spreadsheet. If so, you may have been frustrated by a lack of an accounting background or the necessary spreadsheet skills. You told us that you want the right tool, and that it must be easy to use.

Needless to say, this was all music to our ears.

We love working with people who value data in their business. We understand your desire to have a solid financial plan, and we agree that a monthly projection is key to achieving that plan.

We’re all about making a business projection easy to do. We’ve taken care of all of the accounting, so you don’t need to pull out your old accounting textbook and brush up on your debits and credits.

We’ve also automated the spreadsheet. You don’t need QuickBooks or Excel. We’ve captured the logic for creating a projection in a simple, easy-to-use app.

With ProjectionSmart, you concentrate on the results, not the process. You think through every aspect of your business as you create your plan, and we compile all of the financial statements and graphs you need to evaluate your plan and make changes until you’ve got it just right. So plan with ProjectionSmart!


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