ProjectionSmart Featured on Podcast

Nov 23, 2020 by Roger Scherping

Bob and I recently had the pleasure to be on The New World of Work podcast with Cat Breet. Our topic was “Will Your Business Succeed?

As Cat said: “Money. As a small business owner, it’s at the top of your “gotta have it” list. The #1 reason for small business failure is that they just can’t bring in enough revenue. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you! ProjectionSmart is a remarkable little tool to help you see – with absolute clarity – what adjustments you need to make in your business to make it work.”

Bob and I encouraged all entrepreneurs and small business owners to see their financial future. The best way to ensure that you succeed is to understand what’s coming. We encouraged Cat’s listeners to use ProjectionSmart or some other tool or find a friend who can help you, but however you do it, see your financial future! It’s the best way to determine whether your business will succeed!

You can listen to us here

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