ProjectionSmart Podcast: Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners See Their Financial Future

Sep 15, 2020 by Roger Scherping

I invite you to join me on Wednesday on the Club E podcast when I will discuss how entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have a finance or accounting background can make forward-looking, finance-based decisions.

Startups and small businesses fail every year, and one reason why is that they don’t understand how their business decisions impact their cash flow. ProjectionSmart was created to help small business owners who don’t have a background in finance or accounting make better business decisions by giving them a simple way to understand the financial impact of their decisions.

What you'll gain from joining us:

• Learn why it is important for small business owners to see their financial future.
• Learn about ProjectionSmart, a resource that was created for the non-financial entrepreneur or small business owner to easily do financial projections.

The event is this Wednesday from 12PM to 1PM central time.