You don't need a business plan. You need a Proof Plan!

There are thousands of websites devoted to helping you write a business plan. Hundreds of companies are selling tools for writing business plans. Bookstores are full of books on business plans.

All of these sources describe writing a business plan as a very complex process that covers every aspect of your business in great detail. It is a daunting process, and that's why most people take one look at business plan writing and never proceed.

Business plans might be difficult, but business planning doesn't have to be.

Instead of spending hours writing a complex business plan, why not focus on the three areas that bankers and investors care most about:

  • How do you make money? Is your business model financially sound? Are your projected sales achievable? Are your margins adequate to cover your overhead?
  • How do you get new customers? Who are your target customers and how do you know they will buy? What proof do you have that the tactics that you will use to reach them will be successful?
  • Who is on your team? Who is leading the business and its key areas? What proof do you have that they can lead their areas?

The ProjectionSmart Proof Plan is all about proving to yourself and to bankers and investors that your new business will succeed. Proof is what gets your business funded and off the ground.

The ProjectionSmart Proof Plan is the simplest way to write a plan for your business in three simple steps.

The ProjectionSmart Proof Plan is included with membership to the ProjectionSmart Startup Suite.

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"Thank you for everything! ProjectionSmart was a great tool and an excellent learning experience! "
~ Jessica, Startup entrepreneur

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"ProjectionSmart has given me more confidence to open my own business after seeing the numbers being crunched and what it will take to breakeven and make profits."
~ Dylan, small business owner

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"This is a very helpful program for budding entrepreneurs!"
~ Parker, Entrepreneur

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