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Laptop with ProjectionSmart Startup on the screen, placed on a desk

ProjectionSmart® Startup

For Startup Companies

How confident are you that your new business concept makes sense financially? Find out before you launch your business!

ProjectionSmart Startup will help you determine how your new business can succeed by helping you do a complete 2-year financial projection in just three simple steps. Our expert, interactive model generates graphs and professional-quality financial reports that are ready to share with bankers and investors. Startup comes with the Proof Plan™, the simplest way to do a business plan in just three simple steps, and access to our Small Business Video Library.

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Laptop with ProjectionSmart Growth on the screen, placed on a desk

ProjectionSmart® Growth

For Existing Businesses

Do you know where your small business will be financially in the next 12 months?

ProjectionSmart Growth is designed for the small business owner who wants to take control of their business. Growth is interactive and easy-to-use, and with it any small business owner can create a complete 12-month financial projection for their business in just three simple steps. Don't just look at where your business has been -- figure out where it's going! Let ProjectionSmart Growth be your crystal ball!

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""ProjectionSmart Growth is simple and effective. You’ve taken a huge weight off me. I was in the middle of the ocean, and you threw me a life preserver. Thanks, ProjectionSmart!”"
~ Nic, Small Business Owner

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"I have very few clients who couldn't benefit from using ProjectionSmart!"
~ Shawn, Commercial banker

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"I signed up to gain some insights on expanding my current small business. With the resources they provided, the Proof Plan and Startup tools, it has been considerably easier for me to write a business plan since I'm simply answering 21 questions. Thank you, Roger and Bob!"
~ Kristen, Small Business Owner

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