"Will my new franchise succeed?"

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Find out in less than an hour with ProjectionSmart® Startup, an online financial tool that is simple and easy-to-use. We will help you understand the numbers of your business and launch your new franchise with confidence.

3 Reasons to use ProjectionSmart®:

ProjectionSmart checked boxUnderstand how quickly you will make a profit, whether you will earn what you need, and how much cash you will need to get started!

ProjectionSmart checked boxYou don't need to be an accountant! Create a business projection for your franchise in just 3 simple steps.

ProjectionSmart checked boxGet the peace of mind you need to confidently launch your franchise!

ProjectionSmart® Startup

to launch your franchise

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How it works

Determining whether your startup business concept makes financial sense is as easy as 1-2-3.

. . .

Step 2: Expenses

In just 3 steps you will have comprehensive financial reports and graphs to successfully start your new business.

That's it! Then review the graphs and reports to see your results.

ProjectionSmart Startup is completely interactive. If the initial results are not what you expected, then change your assumptions. You will immediately see the impact of those changes on your cash and bottom line.

Change your assumptions until you are happy with the results and confident that your startup will be a success!

Laptop with ProjectionSmart Startup on the screen, placed on a desk


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"ProjectionSmart is my digital Controller."
~ Rob, Small business owner

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"ProjectionSmart Startup broke down and simplified the costs and cash flow of running a small business. It helped me get an idea of what to shoot for when I start my business."
~ Luke, startup entrepreneur

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"Startup is a great tool to decide a go/no go decision on a new business adventure, or what adjustments need to be considered for get a to a "go" decision. It also offers a great look into how to manage the growth of the business. A very easy, user friendly tool!"
~ Toni, Franchise owner

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